Mobile Wallets

Pay with your Phone as you go

Mobile Wallets

With Meeza digital network, your mobile device may be the only requirement to manage your day to day payments. The mobile wallet provides an easy to use, instant and efficient service with total security.

You can instantly transfer money to a friend directly to his wallet. Pay for goods and services either in store using the QR code or through e-commerce.

Instantly receive money from any wallet holder in Egypt, you can also receive your salary and access your mobile wallet from any ATM to deposit or withdraw cash.

Why Mobile Wallets






Mobile wallets use cases

Money Transfer

Instantly transfer money directly to any mobile wallet.

Pay using QR Code in Shops

Scan QR code at the merchant and pay

Pay using R2P in Shops

Merchant initiates a request to pay (R2P) with the payment details from his device. The request is sent to the customer’s wallet instantly for confirmation of payment

Purchase Online

Customer can easily scan and pay on the checkout page or enter their mobile number to receive a “Request To Pay” with the payment details to his mobile wallet for confirmation


Instant cardless withdrawal of funds from mobile wallet through any ATM in Egypt


Instantly deposit money on your mobile wallet through any ATM in Egypt

Become a mobile

wallet user


Go to any of the service providers listed below


Provide them with your national ID and your phone number


Your wallet will be activated instantly upon receiving a confirmation text message

How to
unregister your
Mobile wallet

Unregister your mobile
wallet easily by following
the below steps




enter your phone number and ID number


you will receive a OTP along with identifying the service provider of your wallet


enter the OTP on the website if you want to cancel your wallet and it will be canceled immediately

Mobile Wallets Service Providers