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Provide your customers with convenience and flexibility in payment options while benefitting from the value-added services that helps you grow your business volume and improve your financial control. Save time and effort by reducing daily cash transaction processes such as cash handling, recounting and time spent depositing with banks.
Efficient financial control- monitor payment inflows coming into the business and the ability to track sales transactions through account statements provided by your bank. Control risks and human errors related to processes of daily inventories, revenues, and bookkeeping.

How you can benefit from Meeza

Improved customer experience

Grow your business, accepting Meeza can increase efficiency, and improve the checkout experience

Access to Network Users

Grow your business by accessing a network of 13 million mobile wallet and Meeza card holders

The lowest applicable fees

in the market provided by Meeza will support you to grow your business, expedite your collection cycle

Meeza Solutions for Your Business


Choose the solution appropriate for your business

   Retail Business

Meeza offers a number of options suitable for all sizes
of retail business.


Meeza offers a number of options suitable for all sizes of retail business.

  • Cards:
  • Wallets:
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   E-Commerce business

Grow your business and encourage your consumers to convert from cash-based payments to digital through:

  • Cards
  • Wallets

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